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Smart Security ~ Online Tips

If  you have a security system = USE IT!  According to the New York Police Department, plenty of people have a security system installed in their home/business, but they don't turn it on.  If you use security cameras, plan to aim them at doors and windows.  News stories show that more criminals are being identified and caught with camera systems.  

Lock up the house. Burglars are always looking for the easiest way inside and will look for unlocked doors and windows.  Don't forget to lock up fence gates, as well, so a prowler can't go around to the back, and possibly more secluded area, of the property to find a way inside.  

Speaking of Lights, put them on timers.  Security experts encourage homeowners to put interior lights on timers so the home looks lived in.  During the holidays, if you put outdoor lights up - they too should be on a timer, so they are not on all day long.  With modern technology these days, we also offer the latest in custom lighting controls with easy access from your computer, ipads, iphones, etc with hassle free timers.    

Share vacation/holiday photos after the event.   Thanks so social media, it is easy to share your holidays and vacations with the world as they happen.  The New York Police Department noted that there is no such thing as privacy in the internet age.  Don't announce your holiday/vacation plans online, and if you want to share photos, do so when you are back in your own living room.  

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.  We offer smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that report to central station, so your house is protected when your away.  This way you don't walk in to a deadly situation.  


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