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Lighting Control & Home Automation

Lighting control is as essential to a great home theater as popcorn, a big TV and great surround sound. Control lights, shades and audio/video equipment with one multi-function remote control or one touch keypads. 

With the push of  a single button, every light in the room will be dimmed to the right level, in addition to home theater lighting control, we can help you create scenes that highlight artwork, portraits, reading chairs, dinner tables, and other areas of your home. 

In addition to elegance, automated lighting adds convenience to your life.  When you leave the home, every light will automatically be shut off.  How long does it take you  to run around the home shutting off light currently?  Automated lighting can also save you money.  How much energy do you waste by leaving unused lights on when you are in other areas of the home?  Light can be scheduled to turn off in the room is unoccupied.  Lighting control is the single most elegant system you can add to your home.  Integrated lighting systems offer complete control of a large number of lights without cluttering the walls.  Progammable lighting scenese can be activated from touch-screen remotes, small wall mounted keypads, wireless remote controls, timers, relays from motion detectors, garage doors, etc.  

New technologies and products make it possible to install these enhanced systems in existing or new construction homes.  

For an on line demo of the newest products from Lutron including RadioRA please click here to see the demo:

Home automation, home control, smart home, digital home, call it what you want.  What you get is convenience, comfort, security, and energy savings. 

The term "home automation" is now acknowledged as covering the most I.T. automation, communication and wiring aspects of our homes and businesses.  Most of these functions can be installed independently of each other, but the real benefits of the automated home  are realized when these different aspects communicate with each other.  

Home automation  may be as simple or as complex as your needs may be and can be controlled using touch pads, key pads, remote controls, telephones, and internet. Basic home automation can coordinate all or some of the systems in your home to talk to each other.  For example, you can adjust security, heating and cooling, and lighting for comfort, convenience, safety. 

Homeowners recognize that a home automation system can pay for itself through energy savings while increasing the value and enjoyment of their home.  

Many examples of home automation options are:

  • Press a single button to turn off the lights, lower the thermostats, and turn on the security system on the way out the door or when  retiring for the night. 
  • Call or login to your computer from anywhere to check the status of your home or adjust lights and temperature. 
  • check security cameras from any TV in your house. 
  • Instantly adjust room lighting for reading, watching, TV, entertaining, or for your home theater.
  • Automatically turn on your house lights when your security alarm goes off.  
  • Be alerted to carbon monoxide, freezing conditions or water leaks

There are many benefits of home automation and should be considered especially when building new homes.  However, with new advances in technology home automation for existing home is easier today then ever.  

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